Tenders for mFRR in the APG Control Area

This page contains the most important information for potential suppliers of manual frequency restoration reserve (mFRR). More precise and legally binding information can be found in the contract documentation in the Download column.


Tendering platform

The tender takes place exclusively via the electronic tendering platform.


Awarding Procedure

  1. Power price (€/MWh)

  2. In case of equal bid price (€/MWh):

    - Lowest energy price (pos. mFRR)
    - Highest energy price (neg. mFRR)

  3. In case of equal power price and energy price: earlier bid time stamp


Suppliers whose bids are successful will receive the power price they quoted, i.e. a "pay as bid" approach is adopted. Once the bid has been accepted, the suppliers are obliged to reserve the corresponding volume of mFRR.


Activation and Ranking of Balancing Energy

  1. Energy price (€/MWh)

    - Lowest energy price (pos. mFRR)
    - Highest energy price (neg. mFRR)

  2. In case of equal energy price: lowest power Price

  3. In case of equal energy price and power price: earlier bid time stamp


mFRR is only provided when called by APG. It must then be provided for a minimum of 15 minutes. This minimum period does not, however, apply up to the end of the product time slot, as, in this case, the call and the product time slot end at the same time (compare item 3(7) of the Framework Agreement - in German).


All callable bids for the provision of mFRR are ranked according to the criteria above and entered in the merit order list. In the event that it is necessary to increase or reduce the generation capacity in the APG control area, the next offer in the list will be called. Accepted suppliers receive the price they bid in euro per megawatt hour (when delivering energy) or pay the price they bid (when taking energy from the grid).


Unsuccessful tender

In the event of an unsuccessful tender, e.g. not enough bids, the valid bids will be accepted and a new tender (second call) will be opened for the shortfall.

If there is still a shortfall after the second invitation to tender, a further invitation to tender will be opened in a "last call". In this case, APG calls on the suppliers to offer available power by e-mail or if possible, by telephone.

Detailed information relating to this procedure can be found in Tendering Conditions for mFRR (German only).


Participation conditions

See Conditions for participation in tenders for control energy.

The documents required for participation in the tenders for mFRR can be found in the Download column on the right-hand side.


Volume put out to tender


The continuous demand for mFRR in the APG control area is normally:

Total: +280 MW (power increase, i.e. supplier delivers to grid)

Total: -195 MW (power decrease, i.e. supplier takes energy from grid)

 In exceptional circumstances, the required volume of mFRR can be changed by the control area manager.


When do the tenders take place?

The bidding period for the daily mFRR tenders begins D-7 at 10:00 (Gate open time) and ends D-1 at 10:00 (Gate closure time), D being the delivery day. The tenders and opened and closed on a calendar daily basis (Monday to Sunday).



Tendered products

mFRR is procured in blocks of four hours separately for positive and negative reserves:













(each pos. and neg. mFRR)




(each pos. and neg. mFRR)




(each pos. and neg. mFRR)




(each pos. and neg. mFRR)




(each pos. and neg. mFRR)




(each pos. and neg. mFRR)



Minimum and maximum bid

Power price unit


Energy price unit


Volume unit


Min. volume

1 MW

Max. bid volume*

25 MW

Min. volume step**

1 MW

Min. bid price

EUR 0.00/MWh

Max. bid price

No max. price

Min. energy price

No min.price (pos. und neg. prices


Max. energy price

No max. price

*the bid volume must not exceed the amount of the prequalified volume

**only full MW can be bid