Tenders for aFRR in the APG Control Area

This page contains the most important information for potential suppliers of aFRR. More precise and legally binding information can be found in the contract documentation in the download section.

Participation Conditions

See Conditions for participation in tenders for control energy.

The documents required for participation in the tenders for aFRR can be found in the download section on the right-hand side.

Tendered Products

aFRR is procured in six 4-hour blocks per day for delivery and purchase:

Product name













Tendered Volume

The aFRR needed in the APG control area currently amounts to +/-200 MW procured in daily tenders. In exceptional circumstances, the required volume of aFRR can be changed by the control area manager.

Minimum and Maximum Bid

The minimum bid for the first bid per tendered product is 1 MW. The minimum bid for each additional offer is 5 MW. Bids in excess of the minimum bid can be placed in full 1 MW increments and must not exceed the pre-qualified capacity.

Tendering Platform

The tenders take place exclusively via the electronic tendering platform.

When do the tenders take place?

The required aFRR in Austria is tendered on a daily basis (calendar days, from Monday to Sunday). The most important deadlines for a tender are summarized in the following table:




Gate Open

Gate Open of aFFR tender for delivery day D

D-7 10:00

Gate Closure

Gate Closure of aFFR tender for delivery day D

D-1 09:00

Publication of tender results

Publication of results of aFFR tender for delivery day D

D-1 09:30

The following graphic also shows the process for a delivery week:


The suppliers will be informed in due time should it be necessary to postpone or change the bidding period in exceptional circumstances.

Award procedure

At the end of the bidding period the offered aFRR capacity bids are ranked according to the following criteria:

  1. Lowest capacity price


  2. In case of equal capacity prices: Lowest energy price for positive aFRR, highest energy price for negative aFRR
  1. In case of equal capacity and energy prices: earlier bid time stamp

Suppliers whose bids are selected receive the stated aFRR capacity price, i.e. a "pay as bid" approach is used. Once the bid has been selected, the suppliers are obliged to keep the corresponding volume of aFRR available for activation. Changes in the award procedure will be published at least 14 days before they enter into force.

Unsuccessful Tenders

In the event of an unsuccessful tender, e.g. in case not enough capacity is offered, the valid bids will be accepted and a second tender will be opened for the shortfall. If, after the second tender, a shortfall remains, a further invitation to tender will be opened in a "last call". In this case, APG calls on the suppliers to offer available power via e-mail or, if possible, via telephone. In the event that the "last call" still does not suffice to cover the shortfall, APG has the right to oblige suppliers to provide the aFRR (obligation to supply). Detailed information regarding this procedure can be found in the Tendering Conditions for aFRR (German only).