Conditions for participation in tenders for control energy

In the APG control area, access to tenders is organised in two steps:

1. Technical prequalification

Technical prequalification is the first step in gaining accreditation as a supplier of control energy. Suppliers undergo a technical prequalification to examine whether they meet the technical criteria required to guarantee the necessary quality of the primary, secondary and tertiary control. The prequalification procedure must be carried out separately for each type of control energy. The suppliers are, however, not obliged to prequalify for all three control energy types. They may opt to supply just one or two control energy types (e.g. only tertiary control or primary and secondary control, ...).

The framework conditions are laid down in the Operation Handbook of ENTSO-E, Policy 1. The application for the technical prequalification is carried out with the above-mentioned documents, which must be fully completed by the applicant. This guarantees that the required applicant and power plant data is provided. The application and all documentation must be forwarded by post:

Austrian Power Grid AG
UMM/Electricity Procurement
Wagramer Straße 19, IZD Tower
1220 Vienna

The prequalification is valid for three years and must be renewed in due time. If fulfilment of the individual requirements is confirmed, the validity of the prequalification for the corresponding plants will be extended for a further three years. The supplier will be informed with regard to the extension. In the event of significant changes to the corresponding plants of a supplier, e.g. change in congestion capacity or conversion of the controller, a new prequalification will be required for the plants concerned. If an application for the technical prequalification of further plants is submitted and accepted at a later point in time, these will have the same expiry date as the originally prequalified plants.

On submission of the prequalification documentation, the applicant will be registered as a user on the auction platform. The applicant will subsequently be provided with a user name and access code.

2. Framework agreement

The second step in gaining accreditation as a supplier involves the conclusion of a framework agreement. This agreement, which contains details relating to the legal relationship between the supplier and the control area manager, is identical for all suppliers. The framework agreement itself does not oblige the supplier to supply primary, secondary and tertiary control power within the framework of a tender. When the agreement has been signed by both partners, the supplier will, however, be listed as an accredited supplier and, as of this point in time, has the possibility to participate in all tenders for control energy for the APG control area via the electronic tendering platform. A separate framework agreement must be signed for each type of control energy.

3. Access to APG's tendering system (TTS)

In order to participate in the tenders organised by APG, access to the TTS is required. For this purpose, first the company must be approved for an APG tender and recorded using the Company Masterfile Form in TTS. To apply for personal access to the TTS, the Employee Masterfile Form has to be completed, signed and sent to APG.

Following successful registration, you will submit all necessary data and technical resources for access to the TTS. You will find further information on the TTS and its handling in the TTS User’s Guide.