Expression of Interest

In accordance with section § 23b (2) ElWOG 2010, APG has to select the grid reserve providers in a two-stage procedure.

All providers pursuant to § 23b  (1) ElWOG 2010, who intend – under the terms and conditions of the tender documents (Appendix II) – to make their units available to the grid reserve, can express their interest to APG within the deadline for expression of interest.

In the first stage of the procedure, APG examines the information and evidences provided by the bidders in their expressions of interest for the existence and fulfilment of the participation requirements pursuant to section § 23b (1) and (2) as well as (4) ElWOG 2010 and the technical suitability criteria set out here (mandatory minimum requirements). If these participation requirements and technical suitability criteria are not fulfilled by the providers or the units, they cannot be invited to submit an offer.

In the second stage of the procedure, only the operators of units classified as suitable will be invited to submit an offer within a four-week period. Operators of units classified as unsuitable will be informed accordingly.

For the expression of interest, the attached forms have to be used depending on the type of unit/plant. All elements of the expression of interest must be submitted in full and till the 30.04.2021, 12:00, exclusively in electronic form by email to

The forms must be signed in legally effective manner and scanned or submitted with a qualified electronic signature. Paper-based documents will be ignored, as well as submissions by fax.
In addition to the duly signed forms, the electronically completed versions must also be submitted in Excel format. Depending on the type of plant, add the required evidence according to the tender documents (Appendix II).

Questions about the first stage of the procedure (expression of interest) can only be asked or sent by email to till the 23.04.2021