Expression of Interest

In accordance with Section 23b (2) ElWOG 2010, APG will select the grid reserve providers in a two-stage process.

In the first stage of the procedure, APG checks the information and evidence provided by the providers in their expressions of interest for the existence and fulfillment of the prerequisites for participation in accordance with Section 23b (1), (2) and (4) ElWOG 2010 and the technical suitability criteria (mandatory minimum requirements). If these prerequisites for participation and technical suitability criteria are not met by the provider or the system, they cannot be invited to submit an offer.

In the second stage of the process, APG will request the operators of the units classified as suitable to submit an offer within four weeks. Operators of the units classified as unsuitable will be informed. 

All further information as well as the deadlines for expressing interest in 2022 will be published on this website.