Introduction of Intraday Trade Austria <-> Hungary


After the successfully finalised IT-tests, MAVIR and APG agreed to introduce – starting from business day 15 June 2012 – intraday capacity allocation on common interconnection in order to facilitate cross-border energy trading and align the congestion management principle with the provisions of Regulation 714/2009 (EC) and Congestion Management Guidelines. Therefore, the intraday process with the following features has been implemented on border HU-AT:

  • 4-hour session model (6 time intervals): In the course of a business day, the intraday capacity allocation is performed in multiple sessions for time intervals inside the day D (one session for one continuous time-interval). The nominations process is applied for the same time intervals defined
  • Double-sided nominations (identical obligations on capacity holders to provide information on their intended use of the capacity) and full harmonisation of scheduling process with the “SO-SO Matching” (matching between system operators) applied in CEE region
  • Consistent contractual framework with market participants

The intraday capacity allocations on common interconnection between Hungary and Austria in both directions shall be performed by CEPS as Allocation Office (Transmission Capacity Allocator), starting from the above-mentioned date.

The relevant Intraday Capacity Access Rules (Trader Guide) can be downloaded from the right column. As an Annex of the Code of Commerce, the Trader Guide will enter into force after the Regulatory approval by the Hungarian Energy Office. For more detailed information concerning your registration and intraday concept please refer to Article 3.1 of Trader Guide.