Provisional line commissioned


On 16 February, a pylon on the 220-kV line, which runs from the south to the city of Salzburg, was badly damaged by a severe avalanche in the Hagengebirge Mountains. Since then the line was out of operation. The power supply to the Salzburg City area was maintained via the first section of the 380-kV Salzburg line.

Repair work successful under extreme conditions

The provisional line erected to secure the supply of electricity to Salzburg was commissioned after a highly strenuous construction period of two weeks. The damage occurred at a difficult-to-access location on the 220-kV line – a connection which is enormously important to ensure security of supply for Salzburg – and hence, the 15-kilometer access road to the damaged pylon above the Blühnbach valley and the foundation of the pylon first had to be cleared of metre-high snow. Due to the imminent danger of avalanches and the conceivably bad weather conditions, the erection of the provisional line by the APG team, at a height of 1,500 m, in such a short time is no less than a remarkable feat.

New pylon for the line in the Hagengebirge Mountains

The provisional line will remain in operation until the foundation of the pylon has been repaired and a new pylon erected. The necessary structural calculations are already completed and the prefabrication of the new pylon components commenced one week ago. The pylon should be completed by mid-May. Normal operations can then recommence on the 60-year-old line connection.

Hence, any market-imposed restrictions due to the resulting lower need of congestion management measures, can be reduced to a minimum.