Harmonized Auction Rules at the Borders to Switzerland and Italy


Following the works initiated within Central West Europe (CWE) Region, Central South Europe (CSE) Region and Switzerland, a new step towards the single European energy market is now achieved with the setting up of a single set of Rules for allocating capacity rights via Explicit Auctions within these Regions.

Called “Rules for Capacity Allocation by Explicit Auctions Version 1.0 within Central West Europe Region (CWE), Central South Europe Region (CSE) and Switzerland”, these Auction Rules replace the Italian Borders Auctions Rules, the Austrian<->Switzerland Auction Rules as well as the CWE Auction Rules and the Germany<->Switzerland Auction Rules.

They are valid for physical transmission rights with a delivery date starting from the 1st of January 2012 on Austrias borders to Italy and Switzerland as well as on the non-Austrian borders Netherlands<->Germany, Netherlands<->Belgium, Belgium<->France, France<->Germany, France<->Switzerland, Switzerland<->Germany, France<->Italy, Switzerland<->Italy, Slovenia<->Italy and Greece<->Italy.

The Auction Rules have been submitted to a market consultation during 3 weeks from the 13th of September to the 4th of October 2011. A summary of the comments received together with TSO's answers can be found in the Synthesis of the questions/concerns raised during the consultation and answers.

The main improvements are:

  • One unique agreement for managing the contractual relationship between the Joint Auction Office CASC.EU and the Participants on 12 Country Borders
  • Participants can access Yearly Auctions, Monthly Auctions and Secondary Trading for all country borders covered by the Auction Rules once they are entitled to nominate in one country of CWE, CSE or Switzerland Regions (entitlement for Daily Auctions remains per country border)
  • The allocation of capacities on the France<->Switzerland Border is now covered by the Auction Rules
  • For all CWE Country Borders (Netherlands<->Germany, Germany<->France, France<->Belgium and Belgium<->Netherlands), the compensation scheme in case of reduction of held capacities is harmonized and consists in a day-ahead spot market spread compensation with only one cap based upon the revenues for the concerned month
  • For CWE region, the capacity holders’ names of yearly and monthly auctions are published
  • Force Majeure is harmonized for all CWE, CSE and Switzerland

New registration required

The registration and the entitlement process will be performed by CASC.EU, the Joint Auction Office appointed by all CWE, CSE and Switzerland TSOs. All current and future Participants will have to register again with CASC.EU before the first Long Term Auctions, in which Participant is willing to take part. First Yearly Auction starts on 5th of December 2011.

In order to facilitate the registration process and make it possible within a short time period CASC.EU will apply the following procedure:

  1. Fill in required documents that are published in the CASC.EU Resource Center for CWE, CSE and Switzerland
  2. Sign, scan and send them by e-mail to operations@casc.eu. CASC.EU will process your registration based on electronic version of the documents.
  3. After approval by CASC.EU send required number of originally signed documents to CASC.EU by postal mail to the following address:

    2 rue de Bitbourg
    L-1273 Luxembourg-Hamm

Should you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact CASC.EU:

Tel.: +352 27 62 38 38
Fax: +352 27 62 38 39