Procurement of Secondary and Tertiary Control by APG 2012


As of 1.1.2012, secondary control power and tertiary control will be procured by Austrian Power Grid AG (APG) on a market basis.

Suppliers who wish to participate in tenders organised by APG must observe a number of points:

  • Suppliers of secondary control power can find all of the required documents under "Procurement of Secondary Control". Prequalification and conclusion of the framework agreement is already possible. The tendering system can be tested during the dry run, which is scheduled to take place on 6.12.2011.
  • Suppliers of tertiary control power also need prequalification to participate in tenders organised by APG. Plants that have tendered for minute reserve contracts organised by APCS by 30.9.2011 and are registered with APG by latest 18.11.2011 will receive a temporary prequalification for the year 2012. Austrian Power Clearing and Settlement AG (APCS) will not carry out tenders as of 2012. More detailed information is available under "Procurement of Tertiary Control".

To ensure that the tenders get off to a smooth start, we would ask potential suppliers to refer to the information provided under the links above. In the event of further queries, please use the contact indicated on the respective pages.