Changes for intraday trade Austria<->Slovenia


APG and ELES agreed to improve, starting from 5th of July 2011, coordination and transparency of intraday capacity allocation on the common border in order to align this process with the provisions of Regulation 714/2009 (EC) and Congestion Management Guidelines. Therefore, the following improvements have been implemented:

  • Harmonization of the allocation process
  • Harmonization of timeframes and closing times (“gate closures”)
  • Consistent contractual framework with market participants
  • Identical obligations on capacity holders to provide information on their intended use (nomination) of the capacity
  • Precise definition of the allocation process in the auction rules

The intraday capacity allocations on the common Austrian-Slovenian border in both directions shall be performed only by ELES starting from the above-mentioned date. For more detailed information concerning your registration please follow the instructions in the Slovenia – Austria Intraday Capacity Access Rules.

In order to assure smooth transition towards the new intraday capacity allocation process, it will be necessary to temporarily disable intraday trade on Austrian<->Slovenian interconnection on 4th of July, as the new process will be implemented starting from 4th of July 18:00 for the energy delivery for 5th of July.