New nomination rules from/to Italy


Beginning with the schedule day 1st of April 2011, the following changes enter into force at the border APG<->TERNA:

  • All capacities (from monthly and daily capacities) are allocated by CASC.EU.
  • Yearly capacities previously auctioned by Auction Office Austria are also processed by CASC.EU. Details will be announced by CASC.EU.
  • Each capacity right has a specific Capacity Contract Type (CCT):
    • A04 for yearly capacities,
    • A03 for monthly capacities and
    • A01 for daily capacities.
  • Each capacity right has a specific Capacity Agreement Identification (CAI) which will be assigned by CASC.EU.
  • CCT and CAI shall be used for any nomination of schedules on Time Series level.
  • Global CAIs (TERNAYEAR, TERNAMONTH and TERNA00000) are valid till 31st of March 2011 and invalid beginning with the schedule Day 1st of April 2011.