CASC.EU to Launch Auctions at the Borders to Switzerland and Italy


The end of February saw power grid operators Swissgrid, Amprion, EnBW TNG, as well as APG, successfully transferring the auction operation for cross-border capacities on the Swiss borders with Germany and Austria to the Capacity Allocating Service Company (CASC.EU). This represents a further important step on the path to a single European electricity market.

CASC.EU had hitherto carried out the auction operation for the common borders of France, the Benelux countries and Germany. With immediate effect, the auction house will take charge of awarding the cross-border capacities of Swissgrid (Switzerland), Amprion (Germany), EnBW TNG (Germany) and APG (Austria) for the northern border of Switzerland. In a further step, CASC.EU is also going to run the auctions for all of the Italian borders – with the countries Switzerland, France, Austria, Slovenia and Greece – from April 2011.

CASC.EU creates a single point of contact and simplifies processes for all border auctions. The centralised execution of auctions delivers significant advantages for traders operating across Europe. Congestion management can be organised more efficiently and, through this step, the participating grid operators underscore their desire to adopt an important role in the merging of the European electricity market. That APG is both actively involved in this process and integrated in its design is demonstrated, among other things, by the fact that APG’s CEO, Thomas Karall, is vice president of the supervisory board of the newly organised company, CASC.EU.

CASC.EU is a public limited company based in Luxemburg. It provides services for power grid operators within the framework of congestion management (for annual, monthly, daily and intraday auctions). APG is one of currently twelve shareholders enjoying equal rights in CASC.EU.