Consolidation of Control Areas TIRAG and APG


We would like to call your attention to the consolidation of the control area APG and the control area TIRAG. Beginning with 1st of January 2011, 0:00, APG is the control area operator of the common area APG.

Balance responsible parties, please keep in mind that external and internal schedules from, to and within the area Tirol (EIC: 10YAT-TIRAG-N--C) can only be nominated till the business day 2010-12-31 24:00. The EIC of the control area APG (10YAT-APG------L) does not change. It is valid for the new common area from 2011-01-01 00:00.

From 2011-01-01 00:00, the data published on the market information pages (Control Area Imbalance, Load Flows, Generation, Load, ...) include the area of former control area TIRAG. Historical data until 2010-12-31 24:00 remains unchanged.