Austrian Power Grid AG improves market transparency


Austrian Power Grid AG is going online with new market information pages, and, with that, making a further important step towards a transparent domestic electricity market. Through the strongly refined and even more rapidly provided electricity market data, the VERBUND grid subsidiary will be among the top European power grid operators in future.

The foundation for a functioning, deregulated electricity market is formed by comprehensive market information being available at all times to all market participants. With immediate effect and in its capacity as the largest domestic power grid operator, Austrian Power Grid AG is making fundamental data on the Austrian and European electricity market available in a vastly improved quality. Based upon highly complex EDP systems, the new information pages deliver the very latest and detailed data on consumption and generation in the APG control areas, current values on the exchange of electricity with neighbouring countries, as well as very accurate forecasts and projections concerning the supply of electricity generated by wind power, total production and consumption.

“In our capacity as control area manager, we are responsible for approx. 95 % of the power grid and supergrid,” says Thomas Karall, CEO of Austrian Power Grid AG. “One of our most important tasks is to ensure transparency on the domestic electricity market by means of the most comprehensive market information. Our new market information system has enabled us to successfully make a further important step in this area.” Moreover, the improved data represents a further milestone with regard to the progressive integration of renewable energies.