The current corona measures still have a slight effect on reducing the domestic demand, however, in contrast to the first lockdown one year ago, they can be considered minor. The most important factor for the current development of the Austrian electricity consumption is the temperature.
Electricity consumption in Austria year on year
APG Leitungsteam
The power supply in Austria was not at risk at any given moment. The crisis presented several challenges which had to be overcome within a short period of time: the drop in energy consumption, historically low electricity rates, power plant capacities falling out of the market, altered working conditions.
Following the lockdown APG‘s 350 million investment scheme in 2020 is a true boost for Austria’s economy: according to a recent ECONOMICA study every euro that is generated in the construction industry produces another 2.4 euros of added value in other economic sectors. With every invested million a small business with about 9 employees can be created or saved.

In the middle of March, due to the Corona crisis, we have interrupted activities at approximately 50 construction sites all over Austria and thus suspended our investments in the power supply infrastructure. Now we are able to resume these activities step by step and can thus contribute considerably to the recovery of Austria’s economy: in 2020 alone we will invest 350 million Euros.

Wiederaufnahme Baustellentätigkeit

In doing so we pay particular attention to follow the guidelines stipulated by the social partners and to adhere to the highest standard of hygiene, disinfection and social distancing. Prior to the resumption of activities every single project has been thoroughly evaluated and examined.

Austrian Power Grid (APG) operates and controls Austria’s nationwide transmission network. Every day we are working to make sure that everybody has electricity when they need it.

350 million economic incentive - (desktop)
To ensure an uninterrupted power supply all over the country under the given circumstances, the following challenges have to be met:
  1. Compliance with the social distancing stipulations of the Austrian government for the protection of our staff – along our transmission lines, in the substations, at the control center or in our headquarter
  2. Best possible preparation for additional potential disturbances affecting the orderly operation of the network to ensure power supply for Austria’s population and business in particular to overcome the current crisis.
Thus we have implemented a number of measures and were focusing our efforts on our core operations from mid March to mid April.
Mid-March, within one week, the energy consumption in Austria dropped by approximately 10 percent due to the corona crisis – this is nearly the amount of energy that the country usually consumes on a Sunday. By the end of March this figure had already increased to -13 percent. Such a massive drop is also noticeable in the grid because less electricity is travelling through the lines. However, from the beginning the experts at the APG control center had this new situation well under control and the energy supply was not jeopardized at any time.
Stromverbrauch_KW13_2003-0033-APG0104 E


Since the beginning of March 2020 an APG crisis management group is conferring on a regular basis. They are continuously monitoring the situation of the grid and are ready to take action if necessary.
Construction works
On March 16 the interruption of all construction and expansion projects (e.g. Salzburg line) had been initiated in response to the corona measures stipulated by the Austrian government The directive issued by the social partners (Protocol governing activities on construction sites in view of COVID-19) and detailed planning of possible construction activities in compliance with the directive provide the basis for the gradual resumption of our construction projects. Further information...
All maintenance efforts necessary for continuous and unimpeded operation will still be undertaken (in particular troubleshooting measures).
Accelerated work-at-home provisions
Staff members whose presence on APG sites is not necessary for maintaining core operations have invariably been working from home since March 16, 2020. This arrangement comprises approximately two thirds of our 600 employees.
Safety & Hygiene
All staff members manning our substations and the control centers are already adhering to a set of special safety and hygiene measures. Among other things this includes split work arrangements where members of the same team are based at different locations.
Exchange with other crisis management groups
APG is in continuous contact with the relevant crisis management groups on a federal and regional level.


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