How has the electricity consumption in Austria changed since the beginning of the corona crisis? Does the development have an influence on imports, exports or the wholesale electricity price? APG is regularly publishing infographics relating to these and many other questions on this page, and the portfolio is continuously being expanded.

Electricity consumption

Electricity Consumption in Austria year on year - overview

Slight increase of consumption in August

The current data show a slight increase of consumption in August 2021 by 2 percent to 5,015 GWh – a comparable increase could already be observed in July. This is mainly due to the ever growing use of electricity in many areas of everyday life like mobility or cooling systems for buildings. Also the continuing electrification of businesses and industry plays a role in this context.

Electricity consumption in Europe since the beginning of 2020

The consumption in Hungary was most noticeable with minus seven percent in calendar week 35.

Electricity Consumption in Europe preview

Renewable Sources

Anteil Strom aus erneuerbare Energien - Überblick

Good news regarding the summer: almost 100 % electricity from renewable sources

Between mid-May and the end of August the electricity consumption in Austria could virtually covered 100% with energy from renewable sources – on the balance sheet. This means that during this period the volume of electricity produced from renewables was at least as big as the energy consumed. The main reason for this was the good streamflow.

Import / Export

Electricity import/export in Austria since the beginning of 2020

The strong production from hydropower plants but also wind power and photovoltaic facilities resulted in a clear export bias in the export/import balance, which is typical for the summer months. In August alone 252 GWh were exported on a contractual basis.

Electricity prices


Energy transmission