Available Positions & Application

Here’s how the application process works at APG:

How do I apply for a job at APG?

You can apply online for open positions (including internships and apprenticeships) in our career portal.

Step 1: Available positions   
Clicking on “Available positions” calls up a list of all jobs currently available. For more information on a specific job, just click on the job title. At the end of the job description, you’ll find a link to submit an online application.

Step 2: Online application and data privacy policy 
Please enter your data in the fields provided and check the box confirming your agreement with our privacy policy and the use of your data. You may also click on the link provided to read our Data Privacy Policy.

Step 3: CV     
Import your CV from Xing or upload it from your computer. You may also enter your CV information manually.

Step 4: Upload your documents and your salary information        
Please upload your cover letter and additional supporting documentation. No more than 3 documents can be uploaded. Please make sure that you fill in the field indicating your salary expectations.

Step 5: Confirm submission of your application      
As soon as you have submitted your online application, you will receive a notification from us by email.

Once I've applied, what happens next?

As soon as you’ve finalised your application, you will receive an email notification from us. We will review your application documents carefully to see whether your qualifications match the job requirements of the position you’ve applied for. It’s possible that when reviewing your information, we decide that another position might be a better fit for you, in which case we will invite you to apply for that position.

How does the applicant selection process work?

If your profile sparks our interest and we have found a suitable position for you, we will invite you to an interview to get to know you in person.

If your interview is successful, the next step when applying for some positions is to conduct an analysis of potential. This enables us to learn more about you and to determine whether our company and the position you’re applying for is a good fit for both you and us.

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Did you not find anything suitable among our available positions?