Electricity market

Labelling and disclosure

Electricity disclosure informs consumers about the mix of primary energy sources used by their supplier to generate electricity. This gives consumers a quality yardstick for the power supplied to them. The Austrian power labelling system (Sections 78 and 79 of the 2010 Austrian Electricity Industry and Organisation Act (ElWOG 2010)) strictly regulates the issue and use of guarantees of origin and of information on the environmental impacts of generation.
ElWOG 2010 requires all electricity retailers in Austria to disclose the primary energy sources used to generate their power (the “supplier mix”) on the annual bills sent to consumers and in their advertising materials. E-Control Austria, the Austrian regulatory authority, is responsible for overseeing electricity labelling and disclosure. It also performs an annual audit of all electricity suppliers. The audit findings are presented in E-Control’s annual power labelling reports.