Electricity market

Balancing services market

Balancing services are necessary to compensate for real-time imbalances between production and consumption and thus stabilise the frequency in the interconnected power grid. Under the EU’s Third Energy Package, transmission system operators are required to set up balancing mechanisms that are objective, transparent and non-discriminatory. As the control area operator, APG has ensured market-based procurement of the necessary balancing services in Austria by means of regular tenders since 2012. Any market participant that meets specific technical and contractual requirements may participate in the tenders. A differentiation is made between primary, secondary and tertiary control power depending on the time and duration of activation as well as the activation type (automatic or manual).
Continuing integration of the European electricity market is intended to create uniform standards for all control power products. One of the main requirements for integration, which also represents a key innovation, is the creation of joint European platforms for the exchange of control power with the goal of optimising the cross-border activation of balancing services and thus ensuring the most economical use of control power at EU level.