Power grid


A blackout is a supra-regional power failure that can affect not just individual towns and cities but entire countries or even multiple countries. Malfunctions and service interruptions resulting from an imbalance between supply and demand cause fluctuations in the grid, which if left unchecked could lead to a complete system collapse down the line.

The consequences of such a blackout are severe and can include massive infrastructure failure as public transport comes to a standstill. The lack of mobility can create major issues, including an inability to supply basic necessities such as water and food.
Security, communication and other basic needs are at the mercy of the consequences of a total power failure. The economic repercussions also make Austrian industry fearful of a blackout. A study conducted by the Johannes Kepler University in Linz, for example, showed that a single hour without electricity would cause losses to the tune of €92 million for the domestic economy. A whole day of blackout would cost Austria more than €1 billion.

The steps to be taken following a blackout are laid down in the restoration plan for the Austrian grid.