Responsibility for the Future
Decarbonisation of the energy supply is one of the central themes of our time. How we will achieve this depends greatly on our power supply system – for which APG bears great responsibility.

Security of supply: our responsibility to society

All modern economies depend on a well-functioning supply of electricity. As a transmission system operator and control area operator, APG bears great socio-political responsibility to maintain security of supply. APG also shows responsibility in its dealings with partners, company employees and the environment.

Backbone of a sustainable, forward-looking power supply for Austria

Constructing infrastructures always entails intervention in the living environment of people. Keeping such intervention at as low a level as possible is of the utmost priority for APG. This attitude is a reflection of our integrity as well as our respect for people and the environment and is ingrained in our corporate culture. APG commits to the principles of sustainable action in its Code of Conduct. As corporate policy, this reflects our respect for both economic needs and environmental limits as well as our striving for social equilibrium.

Renewable energy: the future of our power supply

APG is working for a carbon-free energy future in concert with many other electricity market actors – because we are all responsible for ensuring the success of the energy transition. The main factor here is making sure that the grid infrastructure, i.e. our power lines and substations, is sufficient to handle the heightened requirements posed by renewables. In building, maintaining and operating the transmission grid, APG makes a key contribution to Austria’s social and economic development and to environmental protection.

In planning, building and operating our transmission lines and systems, we focus on the public’s interest in having a secure supply of electricity, the sustainable conversion of energy supply systems as demanded by the transition to renewables, and strict requirements for the protection of people and the environment. For many years, our actions to protect the environment in the areas of line management, species protection and energy management have gone beyond the legal requirements. 

APG is certified to the following international standards: ISO 9001 (Quality management systems), ISO 14001 (Environmental management systems) and OHSAS 18001 (Occupational health and safety management).

Responsibilty for people and nature
The power grid infrastructure necessary for our activities involves elements of landscape alteration that require interference in natural habitats. To do justice to this situation, APG established strict principles many years ago for the planning and implementation of its line construction projects and for the operation of its systems. We deploy all possible options for keeping intervention at as low a level as possible in the interest of ecological route management.
Investing in the Austrian infrastructure
The foundation for maintaining security of supply is still being established, especially with regard to the transmission and distribution networks. The grid infrastructure of the future must be able to handle a greater degree of decentral production and transport high volumes of energy over great distances, with all of the requirements this entails. By making targeted investments in the Austrian grid infrastructure, APG is making a significant contribution to the energy transition.
APG works constantly to plan and optimise implementation of a sustainable power line route in close coordination with biologists, environmental protection authorities and forest authorities.
APG has been engaged in bird protection for more than 20 years. We have developed numerous animal protection projects together with experts from NGOs and universities.