Electricity keeps Austria going, and we keep electricity going.
A well-functioning electricity supply is the lifeblood of the country. As an Austrian TSO, we bear important responsibility for guaranteeing that the country has an uninterrupted supply of electricity at all times. In future as well, we want to be a reliable partner contributing to Austria’s continuing to flourish as a place to live and conduct business.
The future of energy belongs to renewables

APG bears the responsibility for sustainably safeguarding Austria’s electricity supply – now and in the future. Part of this responsibility lies in ensuring that everything possible is undertaken to adapt the transmission grid to the growing demands made by the economy and society. The greatest challenge of the coming year is to bring renewables closer to the grid and Austria and hence to Austria's climate goals. 

Only a strong transmission grid makes it possible to sustainably integrate energy from wind, water and sunshine into Austria’s energy supply system. It is our responsibility to create the foundations for an optimal utilisation of renewable energy sources.

Committed to sustainability – working responsibly for people and nature

We are responsible for the people living in our country. The work we do ensures that our economy and our society enjoy an uninterrupted supply of essential electricity at all times. However, the demands placed on the electricity transport network are rising steadily. With wind and solar power being generated in great quantities in the production centres of northern and southern Europe, a high-performance electricity transmission grid is needed to bring the electricity produced to consumers. Austria is of particular significance here due to its central position in the heart of Europe. To ensure that the Austrian grid is fit for the future, we have to upgrade it on an ongoing basis. We also plan and execute our projects in consultation with the public and with an eye to our responsibility for people and nature. Our overarching goal is for all people in Austria to enjoy a secure supply of electricity.

A liberalised electricity market for a strong Europe

The APG grid is located in the heart of Europe. For that reason, our responsibility extends beyond the Austrian border. We work closely together with partner TSOs in neighbouring European countries. Together, we provide a secure, high-performance and barrier-free electricity supply network. This European supply network forms the basis of the liberalised electricity market, which guarantees all consumers access to electricity at market prices.

Mission Statement


To cooperate with the operators of adjacent control areas, with downstream transmission system operators and with the clearing and settlement agents responsible for the APG control area in a manner that best serves the interests of all grid customers.


To undertake technical, organisational and commercial management of Austrian Power Grid AG in such a way as to ensure that it is among the most productive and efficient companies in Austria and internationally.


To comply with our legal mandates and obligations in the context of our role as control area operator and independent transmission operator (ITO) as defined in the ElWOG (Austrian Electricity Industry and Organisation Act).


To secure APG’s ultra-high voltage grid as a marketplace for all authorised transmission system customers, to provide economical, environmentally friendly and efficient trading conditions in accordance with the principles of equality and non-discrimination, and to reconcile economic growth with sustainability.


To support the personal commitment and professional expertise of our employees in the best possible manner to facilitate the successful implementation of Items 1 to 5 above.


To operate and maintain the APG transmission system as needed to guarantee an efficient, safe and economical infrastructure and to expand the infrastructure as required by technical considerations.