APG controlcenter
Power Grid Control
Power Grid Control, APG’s control centre, was commissioned in the southeast of Vienna in 2009. This is the nerve centre for the Austrian transmission grid. All information on the domestic transmission grid is collected and processed at the control centre.

The nerve centre for the austrian transmission grid

Power Grid Control employees are responsible for the following tasks:

  • coordinating, planning and managing more than 100,000 electricity transports each year

  • managing system operations of Austrian Power Grid AG’s high-voltage and ultra-high voltage grid

  • optimising load flows

  • implementing congestion management procedures

  • coordinating shutdowns for overhauls

  • handling the remote control of substations and switching systems

Since the deregulated European electricity market means that electricity is exchanged across borders, the activities of Austrian Power Grid AG extend well beyond national frontiers. This calls for close cooperation with all national and European TSOs.

As operator of the control area, Austrian Power Grid AG is required by law to provide a stable, secure transmission grid, especially in light of Austria's central role in the European electricity market.

Visit the heart of the Austrian power supply.

Our guides will be happy to give you a tour of the APG control centre and the “Vienna Südost” substation. Depending on the level of knowledge, our APG guides are tailored to the needs of the visitors. Students and school classes are very welcome to visit the APG control centre. We also offer tours in English. Just let us know.