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The backbone of Austria's electricity supply.
Power generation is based on an essential principle: in every second, exactly the same amount of electricity must be generated as is being consumed. Unless the balance between electricity supply and demand is kept within precise parameters, the system will fail and no power can be supplied.

As Austria's independent transmission system operator (TSO), APG’s primary responsibility is to maintain the supply-demand balance at all times.

About Us

Grid system operation 

Highly qualified experts make sure that all APG systems function smoothly and maintain the control and safety systems which are becoming increasingly complex as digitalisation advances. When malfunctions do occur, the APG line team works to quickly resolve the issue so that any interruptions to the power supply are as brief as possible.


Electricity market

As the operator of the trans-regional electricity transport network, APG is also responsible for the exchange of electricity with neighbouring countries. APG’s electricity market experts make sure that all national and international market participants have equal access to the electricity market.

Control centre

Employees at the APG control centre monitor and control the flow of energy in the Austrian power grid around the clock.

Fiscal 2020

Sales Revenue in €m



about 600

System length in km



- 380 kV


- 220 kV


- 110 kV


No. of pylons approx.


Substations / grid control gear


Transformer output

30,810 MVA

Transformer volume in GWh (incl. system requirements)


Timetables / month for imports and exports approx.



In close cooperation with neighbouring European TSOs, we monitor, coordinate and control the cross-border flow of electricity and ensure a sustainable power supply over the long term in line with our role as a member of the European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity (ENTSO-E).

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Austrian Power Grid AG employs a team of over 600 specialists who work together in interdisciplinary teams. Their top professional qualifications and high level of personal dedication help to guarantee a secure and uninterrupted supply of electricity around the clock, 365 days a year.

Would you like a look behind the scenes of electricity supply in Austria? Then come and pay us a visit!

Power Grid Control, APG’s control centre, was commissioned in the southeast of Vienna in 2009. This is the nerve centre for the Austrian transmission grid, and the centre’s equipment is just as modern and high-tech as the building’s architecture is striking.

APG controlcenter

As a crucial actor in the Austrian energy market, we play a key role in making Austria’s secure and clean energy future a reality. Our power grid supplies the platform for the future expansion of renewable energy sources. Without a high-performance, flexible electricity grid, new developments such as electromobility would be unthinkable.

In awareness of our great responsibility for ensuring a secure supply of electricity in Austria, we subject ourselves to the highest compliance standards.

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Procurement needs strong and reliable partners to operate successfully in the market. For this reason, we strive to establish close, partnership-like business relationships with our suppliers so as to achieve an optimum in profitability, quality and efficiency within value-enhancing partnerships.