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Zentralraum Oberösterreich

Working to ensure energy security in your region

“Energy security for central Upper Austria” is an APG project designed to guarantee a sustainable supply of electricity for the region and to support energy transition, including the electrification of the economy, industry and society. 

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At present, all of central Upper Austria is supplied with electricity via a 110-kV power grid only. The current 110-kV grid is not equipped to meet the challenges of the future or to support the rapid pace of development underway throughout the central region of Upper Austria. This means that the region’s existing power infrastructure will reach the limits of its capacity in just a few years. 

Electricity consumption is set to increase significantly in central Upper Austria in the coming years. The reason is dynamic growth of the Enns-Steyr power region/economic area as well as advancing electrification and the conversion of industrial processes that goes along with this (e.g. voestalpine’s transition to electricity-based steel production). Rising consumer numbers are also a factor. According to a 2019 growth forecast, Upper Austria is projected to see growth of 11.5% to approximately 350,000 inhabitants by 2040 in Linz, Wels and Steyr alone. 

Austrian Power Grid (APG), Netz Oberösterreich GmbH (Netz OÖ) and LINZ NETZ GmbH (LINZ NETZ) are working together to transform the power grid – to make sure you continue to be supplied with electricity whenever you need it. Plans to construct a 220-kV supply ring to replace the existing 110-kV lines are currently underway. 

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