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Anbindung Leoben

Essential for energy transitions: An additional grid supply point for the region

Demands on the power grid have increased greatly in recent decades, and demand will only continue to rise. Energy market forecasts calling for increasing electrification of the economy, industry and society clearly indicate the rising importance of having a sustainable, high-capacity electricity grid.

Electricity is becoming more and more important as a source of energy for industrial purposes above all. For example, voestalpine Stahl Donawitz GmbH plans to transition to clean steel production by 2026 by replacing the fossil fuels used in conventional steel production with renewable sources of energy. This will reduce CO2 emissions enormously and make a major contribution to the success of energy transition.

To meet future demand and maintain a high level of energy security in Austria, APG will be investing around 3.5?billion euros in upgrading the domestic electricity infrastructure by 2032. The new Leoben connection is part of the investment project.

Essential for energy security in the region

The existing Hessenberg substation is the main facility supplying Energienetze Steiermark?GmbH, the regional distribution system operator (DSO). APG’s planned new substation in Leoben will add another grid supply point for this DSO in the future. This will significantly improve security of supply in the region.

Crucial for the success of energy transition

The Austrian federal government has set ambitious targets for achieving energy transition. For example, the government intends for Austria to be carbon-neutral by 2040 and to cover 100% of its electricity consumption (national energy balance) from renewables by 2030.

A modern electricity infrastructure is needed to handle the growing development of renewable energy sources such as hydropower, wind energy and solar power in the region. In building the new Leoben substation with its line connection from the Hessenberg substation, APG is making an important contribution to the success of energy transition not only in this region, but in all of Austria.

Locally generated, sustainable energy can be fed into APG’s trans-regional network via the Leoben and Hessenberg substations and supplied for use Austria-wide. The same is true in reverse: sustainable electricity from other regions of Austria can be brought to the region via the two substations. The actions APG is taking will ensure that electricity from renewable sources can always be transported to wherever it is currently needed.? 

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