FutureFlow: 2nd Technical Review meeting with project officer successful


On Thursday, April 11th, the partners of the Consortium of the FutureFlow project met in Ljubljana with project officer from the European Commission. The work package leaders presented the progress in the second reporting period. During this period, partners have developed prototype platform for the aggregation of distributed generation and demand response and prototype of the regional balancing and redispatching platform. Both platforms were also tested in the real environment, as 106 active consumers from four countries participated in the pilot tests.

The project officer expressed satisfaction with the results achieved so far.


About the project:

Future Flow is a 4-year project (2016-2020), financially supported by EC (over the Horizon 2020 programme), which aims at the investigation and building the advanced  IT prototype platform for balancing and redispatching among the four European TSOs (Austria, Hungary, Romania and Slovenia), which involve also the aggregated offers from distributed generation and demand-side management.

The scope of the research project is the international operation of the so-called secondary frequency control from generation to consumption. With this goal in mind, the partners of the FutureFlow project are exploring new solutions for balancing the electricity system and managing flows in the European electricity network. The progressive consumers addressed by the FutureFlow project will be capable of increasing or reducing their consumption in a few seconds, and will in this way be performing functions that are predominantly carried out by traditional, fossil fuel-based, hydro or thermal power plants.

Consortium involves 12 companies from 8 countries (Austria, Belgium, France, Hungary, Germany, Romania, Slovenia and Serbia). Besides the 4 TSOs, the power system experts and institutes, electricity retailers, and IT providers are involved.



Further Information on futureflow.eu