EXPLORE: Addendum to the report of 21 October 2016


Since the beginning of 2015, the TSOs of the EXPLORE countries – Austria, Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands – have been studying the possibility of integrating their FRR energy markets in the scope of the requirements of the draft Guideline on Electricity Balancing.

In October 2016 the TSO published a report on a "target model for the exchange of frequency restauration reserves" and asked stakeholders for feedback. This addendum provides a summary as well as response to the questions and comments from stakeholders. Furthermore the TSO present additional investigations concerning the TSO-BSP settlement and interactions and interdependencies between balancing markets and intraday markets.

The activities undertaken in EXPLORE are now continued in PICASSO for aFRR (Austria, Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands and France) and MARI for mFRR. Stakeholders and regulators will be closely involved in the design and implementation process of PICASSO and MARI. Stakeholder workshops are planned to already take place in 2017. The TSOs aim to go live with the platforms by 2020 (PICASSO) and 2021 (MARI).