Launch online public consultation for FB IDCC methodology – until 15th of March 2017


The CWE TSOs have worked out a public consultation document regarding the final design and implementation of the first version of the Flow Based Intraday Capacity Calculation (FB IDCC) methodology in CWE. In addition to the Consultation Document, a survey is initiated to address topics on which CWE TSOs are seeking the valued opinion of market parties.

The consultation document consists of the following two papers:

Technical Paper
Description of the first version of the (FB IDCC) methodology, including a description of the inputs, the process and the output, back-up procedures, transparency procedures. This paper forms the basis for the formal CWE NRA approval-request and final approval.

Context Paper
A more detailed explanation of the FB IDCC methodology. It includes a description of the FB IDCC process, experimentation results with the first assessments and learnings, improvements made on the inputs, and technical and quality criteria for the parallel run. It also provides further improvements foreseen for future versions of the FB IDCC methodology.

An online survey is at market parties’ disposal, allowing comments about the topics addressed in the consultation document and asking for feedback on specific questions for which the CWE TSOs would need input from market parties. CWE TSOs would like to inform market parties that only comments made via the online survey will be officially considered.

Market Parties feedback on the questions by the 15th of March 2017 at 06:00 CET the latest would be very much appreciated. The online survey can be found here.

Please note that responses on this consultation will be communicated in a non-anonymous way to regulators after consolidation. Market participants will be provided with anonymous results.

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