Full integration of APG in CWE Flow-Based Capacity Calculation completed


Starting with the delivery day 09 November 2016, APG is fully integrated in the Flow-Based Capacity Calculation processes of the CWE region. From this day on flow based parameters will be calculated also for selected critical branches (CBs) within the control area of APG. This measure allows to reflect the Austrian grid in the German-Austrian bidding zone consistent with the general CWE flow-based solution.

This integration step is based on careful and transparent preparatory work by the CWE TSOs, including a dedicated study on the impact of APG CBs on the flow based domain and market results. The analysis is published on the JAO website. The selection of APG CBs and the related calculation of flow-based parameters will follow the same methodology and rules already developed and approved in the CWE Region. For market participants, all processes remain the same.

The integration of APG’s network elements into the process of Flow Based Capacity Calculation is based on the decision of the Pentalateral Energy Forum (PLEF) to expand the CWE region to Austria in 2013. This process followed a stepwise action plan developed by APG and the CWE TSOs. As a first step, APG started the submission of Two-Days Ahead Congestion Forecast files (D2CF) for the creation of the CWE grid model in November 2014. In December 2015 the second integration step was successfully accomplished by the submission and incorporation of the APG Generation Shift Key (GSK) in the calculation of CWE flow based parameters.

After more than 3 years of intensive work, the full integration of APG in the CWE region can now be concluded. With this important step the Flow Based mechanism of CWE shows its flexibility and extendibility while fostering European Market Integration.

More information regarding CWE Flow Based Capacity Calculation can be found in the high level paper published after Go-Live in May 2015 (see The pivotal role of TSOs in European energy market integration.pdf).

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