Austrian-Slovenia Market Coupling to Launch on 12 July 2016


Another important step towards an integrated European power market

17 June 2016, The Austrian - Slovenian Market Coupling Project is scheduled to launch on 12 July 2016 (for delivery day 13 July 2016). The launch is the first implementation of implicit allocation under new European Regulation 2015/1222, effective since August 2015.The Austrian-Slovenian Market Coupling provides additional evidence of the flexibility and reliability of the Price Coupling of Regions (PCR) solution.

The Go-Live is subject to the final approval by the involved regulatory authorities.

After successful completion of all testing activities in June 2016, the launch of the Austrian-Slovenian Market Coupling will take place on 12 July 2016 (13 July delivery day). From this date onwards, capacity for the Austrian-Slovenian border will be implicitly allocated through the PCR solution for the Day-Ahead markets, making the border a part of the Multi-Regional Coupling (MRC). The MRC today covers 85% of the European electricity markets.

During a transitional intermediate period, the shadow auctions will not be used. In case of decoupling on this border, the intraday market will be used as a fallback. Market Participants will be informed about exact date of implementation of shadow auctions in due time.

Information regarding regulatory approval

The launch of the Austrian-Slovenian Market Coupling is subject to the approval of the National Regulatory Authorities of Austria and Slovenia. Consequently, the confirmation of the Market Coupling launch on this border will happen when such approvals by both National Regulatory Authorities have been published.


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