Extension of the International Grid Control Cooperation to RTE


After several years of successful cooperation, herewith the Transmission System Operators announce the integration of RTE Réseau de Transport d'Electricité (RTE) into the already existing International Grid Control Cooperation (IGCC). The extension of IGCC to France is in line with the target model of progressive implementation of Imbalance Netting Coordinated Balancing Area for Continental Europe, as required in the future regulation on « Electricity Balancing ».


The imbalance netting for RTE is planned to start on 16th of February with initial functional tests. Normal operation will then start with the beginning of the one-year trial phase, on 22nd of February. RTE plans to start the trial phase with a limitation of exchanges of 50 MW for IGCC. The limitation will then increase progressively by 50 MW per week until reaching the full participation level of RTE around May 2016.


With RTE joining IGCC, cross-border imbalance netting of automatic FRR demands will be ensured among Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland and France: i.e. the TSOs herewith intend to avoid counteracting activation of automatic activated FRR (balancing energy from secondary control reserve). Participation of RTE is expected to significantly increase the volumes of imbalance netting.