Mission Statement

APG, an independent control area manager and the transmission operator of the Austrian extra-high voltage grid, pursues the following corporate objectives and therefore strives to:

  1. Secure the extra-high voltage grid of APG as a marketplace for all authorized transmission system customers, provide economical, environmentally-friendly and efficient trading conditions in accordance with the principles of equality and non-discrimination and reconcile economic and sustainable thinking.
  2. Meet the legal requirements and obligations within the framework of the activities as control area manager and Independent Transmission Operator (ITO) within the meaning of ElWOG (Electricity Industry and Organisation Act).
  3. Cooperate with the managers of the bordering control areas, with the subordinate transmission system operators and the balance group coordinator responsible for the APG control area in a manner that best serves the interests of all transmission system customers.
  4. Manage - in a technical, organisational and commercial sense - the company APG in such a way that it will be among the most productive and efficient companies both at a national and international level.
  5. Operate, maintain and – in accordance with the technical requirements - extend the APG transmission system in line with the requirements of an efficient, safe and economical infrastructure.
  6. Promote the personal commitment and the professional expertise of our employees in the best possible manner to facilitate the successful implementation of points 1-5.