Power Grid Control

The control center at the heart of Austria´s electricity supply


Power Grid Control was commissioned in southeast Vienna in 2009. It forms the nerve centre of the Austrian transmission grid. The facility is characterised by its striking architecture but also by the modern and state-of-the-art technology that is employed.

All grid information pertaining to the Austrian transmission grid is collected and processed in the new control centre.

The highly trained employees in Power Grid Control are responsible for the following tasks:

  • The coordination, planning and administration of 100,000 electricity transports per year.
  • The management of grid operations in the high and extra-high voltage grid of Austrian Power Grid AG.
  • Load flow optimisation.
  • Congestion management.
  • The coordination of disconnections for maintenance and inspection.
  • The remote control of the substations and switching stations.

Due to the international exchange of electricity in the deregulated European electricity market, the activities of Austrian Power Grid AG extend well beyond the national frontiers. This calls for close co-operation with all national and European grid operators.

As control area manager, Austrian Power Grid AG is required by law to provide for a stable, secure transmission grid, especially considering Austria's central role in the European electricity market.