We are building the grid of the future

A reliable and efficient electricity transmission grid is the backbone of every modern society.

We at APG are responsible for 95 percent of the domestic transmission grid, ensuring the secure operation and the continuous maintenance of the grid.

The performance demands made on the electricity transmission grid have grown considerably in recent years. Ever-increasing electricity consumption, a deregulated pan-European electricity market and, above all, the growing and strongly fluctuating levels of electricity from renewable energies are pushing the transmission grids to the limit of their capacities.

In our responsibility for the country’s electricity supply, we are carefully planning the grid of the future in a forward-looking way.

380-kV-Salzburg line

The 380-kV-Salzburg line is one of the most important projects in the context of Austria`s energy transition. Its swift realisation is a prerequisite for the sustainable integration of renewable energy sources in Austria`s power supply system

380-kV-Line St. Peter

Austria`s transmission grid is integrated in a strong European power supply system. Strong interconnecting powerlines are essential to enable a two-way exchange of clean renwable energy.

Network development plan

The network development plan descibes the essential network development projects for Austria in a 10-years-preview. The document is updated each year within a consultation process amoungst all relevant market participants.