APG Brand Event at Power Grid Control


On 31 January, APG invited friends and partners from the energy industry to an evening event at their control centre, Power Grid Control. The occasion was the presentation of the new APG brand, which went "on air" as early as December 2010 in line with the company’s change of name and the launch of the new APG website. The evening’s activities were followed by some 250 guests; the evening was conducted by ZiB 1 presenter Tarek Leitner.

Breathtaking staging

The APG logo was skilfully staged by singer and performance artist Domino Blue. Not only did the 'Blue Moon Experience' programme – a mix of song, acrobatics and laser-dance performance - play impressively with the graphic elements of the new corporate design, but also powerfully illustrated APG’s responsible role towards Austria’s economy and society.

An evening that focussed on "unbundling"

In terms of content, the evening’s programme dealt with the issue of unbundling. A discussion held by prominent individuals looked at the background to the introduction of the new brand, developments on the European electricity market, as well as current and future challenges facing APG. In his guest lecture, Stephan Kohler, managing director of Deutsche Energie-Agentur GmbH (dena), grappled with the integration of renewable energies.