Operating Regions, Operational Management and Fault Management

We keep it going - and electricity moves us

The extra-high voltage grid of Austrian Power Grid AG covers the whole of Austria and is divided into the operating regions North & West and South & East.

In order for electricity to be transported safely, it is necessary to immediately repair all occurring faults, at all times of the day and night. To this end, specialists of Austrian Power Grid AG are constantly on stand-by.

At Austrian Power Grid AG, safety always comes first. A sophisticated safety management system and internally trained safety personnel guarantee the highest safety standards.

Faults are frequently caused by extreme events such as storms, avalanches or mudslides. Particularly in these cases is it important that employees of Austrian Power Grid AG are on stand-by day and night to prevent consequential damage to people and the environment.

The colleagues at the substations initiate the first security measures in the event of a local fault and ensure that competent support of "Power Grid Control" is quickly obtained should a fault occur in the remote control systems. The employees participate in a specially designed training program to ensure that they will be able to cope in such extreme situations.

The line squad – a special unit of Austrian Power Grid AG – often works under extreme conditions. Working on pylons at heights of up to 100 meters is simply part of the job. Experience and perfect teamwork are an absolute necessity in such situations.